Welcome to 6th Grade

Rosalind Montgomery
29 Years at St. Joachim School
Graduate of CSUH 
B.S. in Business Administration
Multiple Subject Teaching Credential

Welcome to the wonderful world of 6th grade! My name is Rosalind Montgomery and I am the sixth grade teacher. This marks my 29th year with the St. Joachim community. For 22 years I was the 5th grade teacher; then in 2010 I found myself embarking on a new adventure with the one to one laptop program, an experience, that at the time, began for students entering their sixth grade year.  St. Joachim School is now a one to one mobile device school, yet it is still exciting for me to learn alongside my students while they explore and collaborate through Google Docs, mostly working with Chromebooks and ipads.

Sixth grade is a special year not only because of the increased access to technology, but also because it is when students attend science camp. During this outdoor education opportunity, students come to a closer understanding of themselves and the Earth around them. Another highlight of the year is liturgical movement. At every school mass, sixth graders have the important responsibility of leading the congregation in gestures of prayer. Additionally during the year, students develop their performing art skills by: creating a spooky experience  in our Haunted Hall, learning dances from different cultures, and performing demonstration speeches in the spring. Sixth grade is definitely filled with exciting and challenging experiences!


•Religion Lessons focus on themes related to the Old Testament, saints, sacraments, and the call to meet Christ in prayer. Students will research the rosary, choice of saint, and Mary feast days.

•Math Early units concentrate on decimals, fractions, rational numbers, ratios, rates, and percent. More challenging topics students will encounter include units of measure, expressions and equations,  geometry, and statistics.

•Social Studies Lessons will focus on some or all of the following ancient civilizations:  Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China, Greece, and Rome. Students create posters, perform skits, write research reports,  and participate in various simulations.

•Language Arts Activities encompass reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Novels to be read this year include:  Hoot, The Egypt Game, and The Cay. Students will compose narrative, descriptive, expository, and persuasive pieces of work and will perform oral presentations of the same. 

•Science and P.E. Departmentalized

Sixth Grade Events

•August 25                           Mandatory Parent Meeting 6 P.M. 

•September 20th - 23rd    Science Camp 

•October 28                         Haunted Wax Museum

•January 26                       Egyptian Museum 

•May 19                                Greek Festival